A Taste of the Art

“Throw into the mix unassuming hospitality, an enthusiastic community of collaborative winemakers and world-class bottlings, and you’ve got a wine destination that lives up to its hype.”

— Wine Enthusiast


If you’ve been following the Walla Walla Valley for a while now, you’ve likely heard of our “Wander Walla Walla” series, which was an insider’s guide to the Valley’s best-kept secrets and celebrated favorites. Our “Wander Itineraries” were custom itineraries created by our winemakers so that you could sip, see, and do as the winemakers do. When we first launched that project, all of our itineraries were only available for PDF downloads, but to celebrate our 40th Anniversary, we’re publishing our itineraries here in full for the first time. We’ll also be sharing roundups and features to give you a taste of the art: our wine tasting scene.

12 Ways to Stay in the Walla Walla Valley


If you’re trying to figure out how to do Walla Walla right, a key part of that equation is where you stay. While there’s no shortage of ways to stay in Walla Walla, it might help to take a look at these 14 types of accommodations below and to the left, all of which feature a unique type of experience, from resorts to cottages, courtyards to luxury suites. No matter where you stay, we hope you have an unforgettable experience. Below and to the right, you can hear from 15 wineries what they hope you remember from your time in Walla Walla.