What 15 wineries hope visitors remember about Walla Walla

“We want visitors to leave wanting to come back.”

— Josh McDaniels, Bledsoe Wine Estates

In this installment of The Walla Walla Way, we’re sharing words from some of our winery members. We sent out a survey to our Alliance members at the end of 2023, asking them: “What do you hope consumers walk away thinking, feeling, or remembering about their trip to Walla Walla?” You can see some of their answers below.

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1. “That guests get to speak and interact with the actual owners of the wine businesses they are visiting. The people with the true passion.” — Delmas

2. “Well, everyone takes something different. The beauty of the valley is magical. The sheer number of amazing wines that can be tasted are both daunting and awesome. The restaurants are world class. I think you definitely leave with a sense of place. What I hope people realize is that it’s not just the well known wineries that are worth visiting – there are so many small producers that are creating spectacular wines out there. Walla Walla can’t really be appreciated with just one visit, there is just too much to see and experience – so really I hope that people leave with a desire to come back.” — Lagana Cellars

3. “A sense of community and wines of intensity and character.” — Echolands Winery

4. “We would hope that they see it as a year round town that offers amazing restaurants, amazing wines (obviously), and a great get-away that’s easy to do. I think traveling in general can be really expensive and stressful and I think Walla Walla can offer things that are very relaxed and inexpensive so a wider audience will visit us.” — Dossier Wine Collective

5. “That they found a very special place that makes them want to return again and again. That they have found value and quality in our wines.” — Va Piano Vineyards

6. “That they want to come back, tell all of their friends, and stay even longer next time.” — Gramercy Cellars

7. “We want visitors to leave wanting to come back, we want them to feel a genuine connection with our team and the entire Walla Walla Valley. To feel like we have gone above in beyond in making them feel special and welcome. We want them to leave knowing the quality and caliber of wine that our valley is creating.” — Bledsoe Wine Estates

8. “If you peel back the surface, there are surprises and unexpected wines being made here.” — Foundry Vineyards

9. “That they have either discovered or it has been reinforced that Walla Walla delivers value above any other wine region in the US. That value lies in the incredible wines that have not reached colossal prices, and the great feeling each unique wine experience delivers. Visitors leave with a personal connection to the land and Walla Walla community.” — FIGGINS

10. “We hope they leave thinking of Walla Walla as a place of enchantment—a sanctuary where nature’s beauty dances with human ingenuity. We hope visitors will feel an inexplicable sense of belonging. As they savor the richness of our wines and experience the artistry of our winemakers, we hope visitors will leave knowing the story behind each bottle. They will grasp the passion, dedication, and expertise that breathe life into every sip, understanding that Walla Walla wines are more than a beverage—they are an expression of our collective love for the craft.” — L’Ecole No 41

11. ““It’s a super down to earth place with great food, hospitality, onions and of course wine!” — Eternal Wines

12. “We want visitors to feel proud about visiting and supporting our community. We want to form a connection where they want to come back and tell their friends about their experience. If there is one thing we want them to take away from their visit, is that Walla Walla is making wine that rivals other wine regions on a global scale and they have been let in on the secret.” — Walla Walla Vintners

13. “The Walla Walla Valley is not just a beautiful place to come and visit but it’s something to take home wiht you and enjoy throughout the year. Our hope is the wines people select from our family allow them to relive that experience when they open a bottle and share it with friends and family and ultimately that they are inspired to come back and do it again.” — Dusted Valley

14. “I hope folks who visit us walk away with a few of their questions answered, and that our conversations have sparked even more curiosity, more questions, about our region and wines in general. I hope to have imparted a small amount of why we are so passionate about this area, and that they leave thinking, “I’ve got to come back and really figure this area out!”. — Delmas | SJR Vineyard

15. “We hope visitors leave the Walla Walla Valley feeling connected and welcome. We want them to think of it as a place where top-quality wine and nature come together beautifully. We also want them to understand the hard work that goes into every bottle and to remember the warmth of our community.” — Valdemar Estates

What 15 wineries hope visitors remember about Walla Walla 2