What does it mean to be “vital”?

By Maddie Richards

What does it mean to be vital?

Things that are vital have value, importance, and an essential role in the existence and success of something else. People who are vital have the mental and physical health, well-being, and energy to live, contribute, and thrive in their environment, even when faced with challenges. VITAL stands for the dedication to ensuring healthcare access for wine industry workers is a fundamental right.

VITAL Wines is a nonprofit winery built on the belief that we are all vital, and that every member of our industry, our community, and our world has essential and equal value. The name VITAL came about for a few reasons, but the “why” that fuels VITAL’s founder, Ashley Trout, is her passion for giving back. Since 2016, VITAL Wines has brought purpose to every pour by creating beautiful wines. These wines not only showcase the world-class fruit and winemaking talent of the Walla Walla AVA, but also bottle the heart, compassion, and sense of community that makes our region truly special. VITAL dedicates its net profits to supporting the well-being of vineyard workers. This includes funding open-door, free clinics, as well as educational and advocacy initiatives. This impact is driven by the support of many donors, volunteers, partnerships with friends, neighbors, and wine industry peers, who all showcase the essential value of every member of the industry and community.

At VITAL Wines, the word “vital” does not just apply to the lifeblood that flows through the grapes. It applies to all the factors and people that make it possible. No single element is more or less important than another, and when one part of the process is strained, we increase support to nurture and protect our shared purpose. It’s a fight for the wellbeing of those who give it their all, a fight we believe is vital for the soul of wine and our community.


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