International Flair in the Walla Walla Valley

International Flair in the Walla Walla Valley

An itinerary with recommendations from Ryan Raber, Winemaker at Tertulia Cellars

This itinerary was a part of WWander Walla Walla Valley Wine in the fall of 2019.

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Ryan Raber, Winemaker, Tertulia Cellars

Worlds collide in the Walla Walla Valley. Visitors and locals can traverse this corner of Washington State and experience local flavors with French, Spanish, Greek & Italian influences. These global elements have been ingrained in the Valley by wine community members who have made this place their home.


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Pastries from the Patisserie, photo courtesy of Colville Street Patisserie

Stumble out of bed and prepare yourself for the day. I like to have a nice breakfast if I am going to spend a day tasting wine in Walla Walla. There are lots of choices. Make a reservation at Bacon & Eggs or Maple Counter Café, and for something with a little more French flair you can visit the Colville Street Patisserie, which opens its doors at 9:00 AM. They have great coffee beverages and I always go for the canelés!


Make a tasting appointment at Tertulia Cellars for a tasting with a pairing plate. If you find yourself there on a Sunday around eleven, join us on the terrains for a game of boules (balls)! The winery even has its own set of pétanque boules you can borrow. Both the winery and club are kid friendly.


Make a reservation at Valdemar Estates. The family who owns the winery is from Spain where they also produce wines in Rioja. They have great wines, tapas and an amazing view of the Valley looking towards the Blue Mountains.


1:30 PM
It is time to get your lunch on. If you are heading into town, I recommend Andrae’s Kitchen. It is located at the gas station on the corner of Rose and 9th Ave. I know what you are thinking, why is this guy trying to send me to a gas station for food? Because it is really good! They do a fantastic job. I always go for the Gyros with Feta cheese and a side of slaw.


2:30 PM
One of my favorite wineries in the Valley is Woodward Canyon. They are the second winery established in the Valley and one of the most accessible to customers- plus they make truly amazing wines from some old vines! Make an afternoon reservation and enjoy their wines in the garden.


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Long Shadows Vintners

3:30 PM
Make a tasting appointment at Long Shadows Winery The wines are an amazing collaboration between owner Allen Shoup, winemaker Gilles Nicault and some of the world’s best-known winemakers. They also just happen to have a few pétanque terrains!


If instead you would like to head back into town you can make a reservation at Foundry Vineyards. They are located at an amazing art gallery. Sip wine while you enjoy sculptures from many accomplished artists on their patio. One other downtown alternative is Spring Valley Vineyard. I think theirs are some of the Valley’s best wines. Plus, the story of the family and land who brings you these wines makes it worth the visit. You can always follow this with a nice stroll through downtown Walla Walla’s many shops.



5:00 PM
Might I suggest a nap. You have already had a full day of eating and drinking but don’t wear yourself out for the main event – DINNER!


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Cocktails at Passatempo Taverna, photo courtesy of Passatempo Taverna

6:00 PM
Dinner time! I suggest making a reservation. There are many wonderful restaurants in Walla Walla and it is hard to go wrong. I like to start out with a cocktail at The Marc. Next I move over to Brasserie Four for some Steak Frites and a nice bottle of wine. If I am feeling up to it, I might even end the evening at Passatempo Taverna for a nightcap.


Disclaimer: Please note that currently most Walla Walla Valley wineries are recommending that guests reservations to ensure social distancing and the best wine experience. Browse wineries and make reservations here.