Walla Walla Valley Winemakers give 2014 Harvest Exceptional Rating

Walla Walla Valley winemakers report excellent grape quality in early 2015 harvest
USA, Washington, Walla Walla. Crush at Long Shadows in eastern Washington.

Walla Walla Valley winemakers are
calling the 2014 harvest a great success. In a recent post-harvest survey sent
to Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance member wineries, more than 96-percent of
respondents rated the vintage either above average (38%) or exceptional (59%). Over
90-percent of respondents also reported that grape tonnage per acre harvested
was above average.


“In general, winemakers are
thrilled with the quality of the grapes this year,” said Duane Wollmuth,
Executive Director of the Walla Walla Valley Wine Alliance. “We can’t wait to
taste the 2014 wines.”


Most wineries reported that the
summer and fall weather was near ideal for grape-growing. One respondent
recalled “perfect heat and sunlight in September and October,” while another
said “we had the ability to really ripen our fruit and get the flavor
characteristics we were looking for.”


While the earliest harvest start
date was reported to be August 25th, a majority of wineries reported starting
in the first half of September. Harvest was fast and furious for most, with a
vast majority finishing up by Halloween. Over half of the respondents felt that
one particular variety did better than others, naming Cabernet Sauvignon and
Syrah as the big winners of the year.


Overall, wineries reported that
the 2014 vintage will be known for “perfect heat throughout the season,” “great
ripening of all varietals,” “acid retention,” and “big structured wines.”


“(This vintage will be known for)
big, ripe expressive reds,” one respondent said. “The wines have structural
intensity, color and fruitfulness. I expect this to be a real winner with wine


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