V is for Vino: Walla Walla


“Welcome to Walla Walla Washington. The Walla Walla Valley is the epicenter for Washington winemaking. It’s a hub for production in the state, has a great hospitality and restaurant scene, and the soil there is 17 million years in the making! Take a closer look at Walla Walla Washington, and you’ll find camaraderie and a wine culture that rivals any other long-standing wine community in the world. More importantly, outside of California, Washington produces more wine than any other state in the US—and did I mention the quality? Yeah, it’s fantastic! Learn why so many winemakers call Walla Walla, Washington home on the season 3 premiere of America’s #1 Wine Show, V is for Vino!”

In case you’d like to navigate to specific parts of the episode:

  • 0:00 Intro
  • 0:45 All About Walla Walla Wine Country
  • 3:59 Interview with Madeline Puckett of Wine Folly
  • 7:47 Soil History
  • 10:23 Tasting with Madeline Puckett
  • 14:59 Walla Walla Grapes and Merlot
  • 17:11 L’Ecole No 41 and Woodward Canyon Tasting
  • 22:43 Nerd Lab: Bottle Shapes
  • 26:47 Abeja Winery and Inn
  • 30:41 Walla Walla Steak Co
  • 40:42 Outro

You can see more at V is for Vino.